: Gleec Coin Listed on Choise.com, 320M People Worldwide Now Have Access!

• Gleec coin has been listed on Choise.com, exposing it to over 750k users.
• Choise.com is an ecosystem that combines CeFi and DeFi elements and offers users a convenient crypto wallet and debit card.
• The global digital asset market has lost over $2 trillion since the last bull run, and over 320 million people worldwide own crypto.

Gleec coin, a utility token native to the Gleec ecosystem, has become the latest coin to be listed on Choise.com, a MetaFi platform that combines the best of both CeFi and DeFi space. This listing could potentially bring the coin to over 750k users and enable them to use it in various locations.

The Gleec platform uses blockchain technology to provide digital bank accounts with the crypto-friendly IBAN. This allows users to use the Crypterium Visa Card to easily convert crypto to fiat currencies, and subsequently use cash for online and offline transactions with more than 42 million merchants worldwide, as well as to withdraw from ATMs.

Choise.com allows users to access a convenient crypto wallet and debit card, which can be used to spend and convert cryptocurrencies. The platform also provides a popular earn marketplace, where users can take advantage of income-generating solutions such as staking, yield farming, and interest accounts.

The crypto market has had a tough time in the past few months, with most of the top coins trading far below all-time high prices. Nonetheless, the team behind the coin has been pushing to increase the number of users. Since the last bull run in November 2022, the global digital asset market has lost an estimated $2 trillion. Despite this, over 320 million people around the world still own crypto. Gleec coin has been listed on several top trading platforms in the past, and the latest listing on Choise.com could prove to be a game-changer for the coin.