Be a Market Inventor: Invest in Mooky, the Cutest and Coolest Meme Token of 2023!

• Mooky, the monkey leader is now leading the crypto market.
• Mooky’s token is owned by the community and managed by a DAO vote.
• Owners of legendary or ultra-rare NFTs can become members of the Mooky Ventures club.

Mooky: The Monkey Leader

Mooky, the monkey leader, is now leading the crypto market in Tyneham—a long-forgotten ghost town in the West. When Mother Nature abandoned Tyneham hundreds of years ago, animals began to vanish from the area. To help protect their future, a tribe of settlers from a faraway island chose Mooky to be their strong and intelligent leader. He taught them about respect for each other and for nature, as well as how to coexist with other animals peacefully.

The Token Controlled by Community

The cutest but also coolest meme token of 2023 belongs to Mooky! It is owned by the community and managed by a DAO vote. There’s no tax when buying or selling on Mooky—and liquidity will be restricted for two years so that there are no team tokens, venture capital investments or 3D NFTs.

NFTs with Connection to Trees Planted in Real World

Each NFT also has a verifiable connection to a tree that was planted in real life–which is really inventive and useful! Those who own legendary or extremely rare cards can become members of the Mookie Ventures club too!

Presale Is Underway

Presale is currently taking place for Mooky’s token. Be an early investor in this soon-to-take-off Defi meme currency and help us improve our environment by planting trees all around the world!

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